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Category: Technology

Two people in an IT infrastructure room

IT infrastructure evolution towards scalability, productivity and security

In the last blog about IT infrastructure, we talked about how to manage it correctly to achieve business objectives and ensure compliance according to security, flexibility and sustainability requirements by identifying incidents, emergencies, and crises. If you haven’t read it yet, click here…

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Image of an index finger interacting with a risk management hologram

5 key steps to implement a risk management process

Since the beginning, companies have wanted to ensure stability as they grow, and managing the risks that affect the business is a critical part of achieving this stability. Not knowing the risks that can affect the business can result in losses for the…

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Artificial Intelligence world in formed by an holographic form

Artificial Intelligence replacing humans at work

Humans have been confronted over time with various changes in the way we can perform our work. Today, artificial intelligence is once again challenging some jobs that could be replaced. Our ancestors were accustomed to do their work with their hands and with…

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Holographic world touched by the index finger of an executive

IoT: is it worth taking the risks?

IoT, The Internet of Things, is a new technological frontier as businesses seek ways to be more competitive in their markets. It offers a new level of convenience and automation, but the same connectivity comes with security risks. Buying a coffee maker or…

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Machine learning Amazon wireframe

Machine Learning implemented on AWS

Over the years, technology has evolved and organizations have been incorporating new tools such as Machine Learning to make their processes more efficient. That is why companies in different industries have been envisioning and implementing a new way of working through machine learning…

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Man wearing VR glasses interacting with a holographic display

Technologies that are changing the way we communicate

It is undeniable that digital technologies along with the internet, generated a radical change in humanity. There are more and more inventions or new technologies that come to facilitate life and communications between human beings in many areas of their lives, thanks to…

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Holographic image of atoms on a photo of a retail

AI and data: the ideal combination for retail

Thanks to the power of the cloud, technology and digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence has entered its maturity phase and is revolutionizing many business sectors. Between 2010 and 2020, the volume of data produced annually multiplied x25 and this trend is expected to continue…

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Holographic image of thumbprint

Automation in banking, a reality by 2021?

Automation in banking enables banks to respond quickly to changes in the market such as new regulations and new competition. Are they ready? At a time when neobanks and fintechs are capable of providing fast, efficient and 100% digital responses to their customers,…

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Executive man acting with a holographic screen

Business Process Reengineering: high-level management to reduce costs

The growing technological evolution and relevant changes in the demands of the new consumer have led several companies to a plan of restructuring, transformation and adaptation to new processes. Although adopting a Business Process Reengineering model is an important change for companies, it…

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United cubes representing blockchain concept

Blockchain: large-scale technology that surprises the world

In 2018 Blockchain could already be identified as one of the technologies that was quite talked about globally, even Gartner, a leading IT consulting and research company, presented it within its Hyper Cycle or Hyper circle of emerging technologies with a good positioning…

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