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Category: Technology

Blog QA Quality Assurance

QA: 3 key assets that will lead you to success

QA is a fundamental component of the software development process that focuses on ensuring proper operation and compliance with established quality standards. What makes it so critical to the success of a project? In previous blogs, we have written about several topics related…

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Image of a person's index finger interacting with a hologram of the amazon logo

Powering your Cloud success: the benefits of Interfaz as an AWS Partner

The adoption of cloud services has emerged as a major driver of business success. The ability to leverage the infrastructure and solutions provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) has revolutionized the way companies manage their operations and stay competitive in an increasingly demanding…

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Software development holographic technological image with a blue background

Investing in software development: crucial for business success

Technology has changed the way businesses run, customer relationships are managed, teams are managed, and data is used. In fact, innovation is advancing so rapidly that in order to run a successful business, you need to be aware of developments in various fields,…

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Room with technology circuits

IT infrastructure management to achieve business objectives

Today it is complex to imagine that most companies can operate without a reliable, safe, and flexible IT infrastructure. By having a well-structured and managed IT infrastructure with the right technologies, scalability can be generated in terms of administrative operations, productivity, and communication….

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Blue screen with codes

Custom software development: more than a solution, a business opportunity

Software development in Latin America continues expanding. The rise is driven by the more than one million talented engineers located in this region. How do we leverage this opportunity at Interfaz, what services do we offer and what talent do we have? In…

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Dynamics 365 logo on blue background

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the smartest alternative to progress

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 mixed ERP and CRM solutions are a great alternative to create powerful customer experiences and accelerate your business growth. As companies from many industries navigate through market uncertainty, investment in people and technology must be thoughtful, strategic, and…

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Person seated working on a computer with several screens at the same time

Software development: scalability and high performance for customers

Software development in Latin America continues expanding. This rise is driven by the more than one million talented engineers located in this region. How do we leverage this opportunity at Interfaz, what services do we offer and what talent do we have? In…

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Blockchain infographic

Is Blockchain only for cryptocurrencies?

Surely you have heard of Blockchain, the technology behind world-renowned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance. But did you know that beyond this, its true value lies in how it is guaranteeing security to industries that are key to the global economy?…

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Code image

Software development, a high-potential opportunity

The regional software development market has positioned itself as a very high value opportunity for the development and growth of North America and Eurasian supercontinent companies.  Experts say that Latin America has the potential to consolidate itself as a very important player in…

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Image of a computer screen with zoom in of Kotlin

Kotlin, everything they haven’t told you

Programming is one of the most important areas of knowledge in the last decades; nowadays there are numerous programming languages. One of the most recent, one of the most named, and one of the most requested is Kotlin, designed for the development of…

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