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Custom software development: more than a solution, a business opportunity

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Custom software development: more than a solution, a business opportunity

Software development in Latin America continues expanding. The rise is driven by the more than one million talented engineers located in this region. How do we leverage this opportunity at Interfaz, what services do we offer and what talent do we have?

In our last blog “Software development: a very high potential opportunity”, we highlighted how Latin America has gained prominence as a region with very high potential in generating value for foreign companies and what are the characteristics that turn Costa Rica into an ideal country to outsource services related to software development.

In this opportunity we will approach this particular topic from another angle. From an internal perspective, we will talk about the ability of Interfaz, along with a great team of professionals, to offer the market custom software development services, mobile development, enterprise web development, among others, with which it has managed to positively impact several companies in the region.

The first thing to highlight is that, since 2002, Interfaz has driven growth and innovation in the banking, retail and insurance sectors, focusing on generating results, true innovation and continuous improvement. This has been achieved thanks to a different, disruptive way of thinking, where the most important goal is to make clients understand that they should not modernize because other companies are doing it. Everything must have a purpose. Although the boom of technologies is imminent, processes must be assumed in an adequate way. The objective, beyond implementation, is to seek cost savings in planning, development and execution in order to obtain a return on investment.

How to achieve it? With custom software development, emphasizing that each company is a different world. It is also important to integrate client-company-talent, this means that the first step is to understand the real needs in order to define an appropriate strategy for the development of the product or solution. In other words, we adapt our software development services to your tools, platforms and processes. And not your needs to our services.

What kind of custom software development services does Interfaz offer?

From the moment the idea is born in your company, we execute it and until we convert it into scalability of your business, we are by your side. We are experts in a wide range of programming languages and technologies, which allows us to develop according to your objectives, technical and technological requirements.

In addition, we have a team of qualified professionals who are up to date with the evolving trends. People trained to maintain an excellent work environment, disciplined and focused on the main objective of the assigned projects. From mobile to web applications, we have extensive experience in providing solutions for all types of challenges. All capable of developing low-code in Pegasystems and Salesforce Lighting; no-code with Webflow; and programming and scripting in Java, Typescript, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, Objective C, PHP, SQL, Swift, Visual Basic, AJAX and Redux.

Types of customized software according to your challenges.

From back-end to front-end, from ideation and strategy, through creation, testing, maintenance and support, we are able to offer customized software services in mobile, web, QA, DevOps, Security, Data, IoT and architecture.

Mobile development: custom mobile application development for any type of project. Scalable solutions and agile development methodologies to make your application fully functional, tested and ready to be deployed in the App Store, Google PlayStore or Huawei Store.

  • iOS, iPad OS, tvOS, watchOS, Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, CoreML, ARKit, iBeacon
  • Android, Kotlin, Java, Jetpack, Cardán, Google Home
  • React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic
  • Appium, prueba XCT
  • Dirigible, Firebase (Analytics, Distribución, Crashlytics, etc.), Adobe Analytics
  • TestFlight, App Store Conectar, Google Play Store

Web development: we offer web development as a tool for business development and scalability. The potential of having a properly structured web strategy is currently one of the best resources you can invest in. It’s not just the web, it’s how to focus it to give your customers a better experience.

  • React/Redux, Angular/NgRx, Vue.js/Vuex, Backbone
  • Gatsby.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Eleventy
  • Nodo/Express, .Net/C#, Java/Spring, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails
  • ECMAScript 6-11, D3.js, HighCharts
  • HTML5, CSS

QA software testing services: never let your business stop moving forward because of too many bugs in the code. We do QA testing, mobile, web and API test automation, security and performance testing to improve software quality, impact and return.

  • Agile QA process
  • Test lifecycle management
  • Manual testing
  • Selenium, Appium, REST Assured, Postman, JUnit, JMeter
  • Mobile testing with Android and iOS devices

DevOps and cloud services: we increase the performance and productivity of your development team. Agile software development to achieve a change in cycle management methods at a technological and also cultural level to meet your profitability and market share objectives.

  • Compilation and publishing automation
  • Maven, Gradle, Ant
  • Opsware, Chef, Puppet, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Terraform
  • Continuous integration, Jenkins/Hudson, Codeship, CircleCI, TravisCI
  • Continuous availability and monitoring, New Relic, Splunk, Nagios
  • Autoscaling and load balancing, Nginx, Amazon, HAProxy
  • Performance tuning and load testing
  • Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • Infrastructure architecture, design and implementation

Security services for custom software development and delivery: building security plans, closely monitoring from code to vulnerability scanning of the final solution. We manage threats with proactive mitigation and immediate response.

  • Strategy, evaluation, design and implementation
  • Directories, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP
  • Authentication and authorization, SAML, oAuth
  • Application security, OWASP
  • Provisioning, SPML, SCIM
  • IAM, EMC/RSA, SailPoint, Okta, Ping, ForgeRock
  • Security assessment, penetration testing, port scanning
  • Secure code reviews
  • Threat modeling
  • Risk analysis
  •  Automated vulnerability scanning

Data engineering: if data is considered the new oil, why not take advantage of all your structured and unstructured data to make better decisions? Our data engineers develop software solutions based on a strong ability to turn data into high-value opportunities.

  • AWS Glue, Microsoft SSIS, AWS RDS, AWS Redshift, AWS Kinesis, Apache Kafka, Spring Batch ETL
  • AWS Kinesis, Spring XD, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka Streams, Apache Storm
  • Hadoop, HQL, Apache Spark
  • AWS Redshift, Terradata, Oracle
  • MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Casandra, Redis, CouchDB
  • ElasticSearch, Lucene, Servicio AWS ElasticSearch, Solr
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS Aurora, AWS Redshift, AWS RDS
  • Tableau, Jasper Reports, Amazon QuickSight
  • Análisis de Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon Athena, ElasticSearch

IoT development services: we create a truly connected enterprise through tailored IoT security and management software solutions with real-time data analytics. So you get high quality and performance, and your customers get new experiences with your business.

  • Amazon IoT and Azure IoT Suite
  • Amazon Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge
  • Amazon Cognito and Azure Active Directory
  • Amazon Lambda and Azure Functions
  • Amazon Kinesis and Azure Event Hubs
  • Tableau, Jasper Reports, Amazon QuickSight
  • Amazon Athena, ElasticSearch
  • Amazon Sagemaker, Google Cloud Learning Engine, TensorFlow

UI/UX specialists: count on a complete team of professionals that will make your developments aligned to the real needs of your users, along with the requirements of your business. We provide a specialized process of ux strategy through research, organization, prototyping, testing and design.

  • UX Strategy and Business Analysis
  • Research, analysis with users, experience maps, personas, etc.
  • Architecture, wireframes, navigation flows
  • UI design
  • Design for app platforms, web apps, responsive
  • Usability testing and heuristics – Use of tools such as: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Zeplin, Webflow

What is it like to work with Interfaz and its custom software development services?

Our goal is to integrate technology into your culture, monitor its evolution, accompany you in making decisions and constantly advise you to achieve the expected results. At Interfaz, beyond offering you technology, we offer you a committed relationship based on an unconditional and high quality service.

All this in order to ensure scalability and flexibility of your business as needs and technologies evolve, improve the quality and performance of the solutions we build together and most importantly, turn all your ideas into business opportunities. Looking for a cost-effective solution for efficiency, control, costs and KPIs of your business? Let’s work hand in hand, together with our team of professionals we can generate custom software applications based on your most specific needs and requirements. Contact us.