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Tag: Data

person with phone and AWS logo

Advanced data analysis techniques leveraged from AWS

Data analysis is fundamental for business success. Organizations are awash in raw data, and transforming it into actionable information can revolutionize business. By using advanced tools and technologies provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), companies can uncover trends and solve critical issues. Why…

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Image of big data code

Big Data: present and future challenges 

In our first blog “Big Data “Basic guide to understand it” we highlight the main contributions to companies, related to increased productivity and decision making. We also talked about successful cases of renowned companies that have interpreted Big Data as a tool to…

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Data mining holographic image

Data mining: techniques and tools for transforming information into knowledge

The growing technological evolution, coupled with the increased use of computerized systems in homes and organizations, has brought with it an incalculable amount of information. Digital data has not only grown exponentially, it has also become an essential asset for understanding consumer behavior,…

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