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Machine Learning implemented on AWS

Machine learning Amazon wireframe

Machine Learning implemented on AWS

Over the years, technology has evolved and organizations have been incorporating new tools such as Machine Learning to make their processes more efficient. That is why companies in different industries have been envisioning and implementing a new way of working through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

In 2020 the most important telecommunications industry in Japan NTT DOCOMO needed to monitor about 50,000 telecommunications towers throughout the country, to verify that there were no corrosion problems, rust that could cause problems in the quality of service to customers of the company.

In a very innovative way, they designed their own drones and created a system that by means of machine learning performed image recognition to identify whether or not the tower had corrosion problems. Later they incorporated artificial intelligence to perform the process in a much more effective way, since it was taking them a long time to perform the analysis of the photographs, then with the benefits of AI they started a process of image analysis.

All this was achieved thanks to the support of cloud technology, particularly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) they designed 2 prototypes in 1 month, and over a year using this solution had reduced their inspection times by 2,000 hours representing a savings of more than $100,000. At the same time, they reduced the risk of climbing and falling from the towers.

What NTT DOCOMO did is a clear example of “thinking outside the box” and making use of existing technology to create great benefits, improved service, agility, savings in time, costs and risks in the organization. These types of actions are what make the difference between traditional vs. innovative organizations.


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