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Cybercrime caused by covid-19

hacker on computer

Cybercrime caused by covid-19

Causes of cyberattack

Remote work

Cybercrime is also on the rise. As if there were not enough worries that the coronavirus is causing us, we add one more that is directly related to the massive incorporation of a large part of the population to telework: it is the great increase of the possibilities that our computers with which we work from home are attacked by cybercriminals.

What is the reason for the increase in cybercrime? In another article in this blog we have already commented that the vast majority of companies in Spain were not prepared to implement teleworking before the arrival of this crisis (according to Eurostat, only 4% of Spanish workers usually performed their tasks outside the office). Therefore, the companies that have been able to implement it, have done it at full speed. There is therefore a risk that it has not been possible to put in place the necessary protection measures which, given more time, would have been more rigorous and perfectly adapted to private homes.



Cybercriminals have taken advantage of this situation of slower adaptation to installations to try to act on some point of weakness of the system in terms of cyber protection. So much so that the CCN (National Cryptologic Center) has alerted the population that the activity of cybercriminals is increasing in the form of ransomware, phishing, remote code execution and information exfiltration.

Likewise, we can also consult the CCN document “Security recommendations for teleworking situations and reinforcement in surveillance” with technical solutions for those who work remotely and with secure options to manage cybercrime from home. The best options for virtual meetings are also indicated.

On the other hand, the National Intelligence Center (CNI), usually more oriented towards professionals in Information Technology Departments, also makes the following recommendations to teleworkers.

To combat cybercrime, the first step is to make sure that your operating system and antivirus are properly updated. If you access your computer remotely, exercise extreme caution. Do not use the same connection as for personal matters and, if possible, use trusted VPNs.

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