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Author: Natalia Alfaro

AI image of a robot and a human looking each other

The path to success in AI: shaping high-performance teams

In the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the proper configuration of teams emerges as a critical factor for success in AI project implementation. As businesses seek to capitalize on the opportunities presented by AI, the correct formation and composition of teams become…

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Interfaz: most reviewed software development company

The Manifest Hails Interfaz as Costa Rica’s Best Recommended Software Developer for 2022

Here at Interfaz, we live and breathe innovation. We are a team that has over two decades of priceless experience designing, developing, and delivering bespoke software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Iso-9001 stamp

ISO-9001: a standard to make your company more competitive

Globalization has made the market more demanding and competitive, which has led companies to start a path towards innovation through ISO 9001, without losing focus on their objectives. Nowadays it is not enough for an organization to be good, but it must strive…

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People gathered together working on an agile plan

Scrum and design teams

What is the relationship between Scrum and pies? 🤔 The result of this combination is better than we could imagine that’s why in this article we will talk about the importance of good management of development teams and their versatility when it comes…

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Image of several people gathered to work on a UX plan on a board

Research, its value in the development of new products

The way of life on which we depended a few months ago is gradually fading away due to unexpected changes in the environment in which we live. The modification of the rules of coexistence and therefore the behavior of people, brings with it…

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Mockup of a UI style guide

Design System: creating it according to the scale of the project

Currently there is a wide variety of articles that talk about different models used to create or adopt a Design System, regardless of the project we are working on. Among the advantages of working with a Design System we can find that it…

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A woman's hands typing on the keyboard of a laptop computer

Microcopy, how does it influence the user experience?

Sometimes we can feel lost using a website, or maybe we have installed an application and we do not really know how to achieve our goal in it, believe it or not, one of the main causes of this is the lack of…

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hacker on computer

Cybercrime caused by covid-19

Causes of cyberattack Remote work Cybercrime is also on the rise. As if there were not enough worries that the coronavirus is causing us, we add one more that is directly related to the massive incorporation of a large part of the population…

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