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Business transformation: how strategic technology reshaped our clients’ mindsets

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Business transformation: how strategic technology reshaped our clients’ mindsets

Business transformation blooms when strategic technology becomes its guiding light. How we drive business transformation, reshaping success in its wake?

There’s a statement that’s become quite powerful for us at Interfaz: Technology by itself does not guarantee success. Discover in this blog the true potential of it. And learn how a seemingly simple phrase, though deceptively complex, has enabled us to transform mindsets and businesses of multiple industries.

How companies see business transformation vs. how we see it

It is unthinkable that today there are still technology service provider companies that see technology merely as a strategy. They have pigeonholed the term “business transformation” into merely the adoption of new technologies. They have failed to grasp a comprehensive vision of what truly purposeful technology implementation means. It’s true amazing potential.

Though it seems incredible, many companies today, of various industries, rush to implement the latest tools and software just because others are doing so. They hope to find a quick fix to their problems and a path to success, only to crash into a painful reality, wasting time and money in the process. The fault doesn’t lie with the technology; the fault lies with those providers who decided to implement it without prior analysis and without a clear strategy.

At Interfaz, as a technology service provider company, we view business transformation through a different lens. While there is no doubt that technology plays a crucial role in modernizing operations and improving efficiency, we firmly believe that true transformation goes beyond mere implementation.

On the contrary, it begins with a strategic approach that emphasizes aligning technology with overall business objectives. In our experience, the most successful business transformations are not solely based on adopting new tools, but on a carefully crafted strategy that guides every aspect of the process and aligns everyone involved, from developers to the project leader.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into our process and concept of business transformation, exploring how strategy is the key to our approach. Let’s discover together how focusing on strategic alignment can unlock potential to guide companies toward sustainable success.

Business transformation with Interfaz

Over 22 years in the market have taught us countless things. One of the most critical lessons we’ve learned, which we consider the foundation of successful evolution, is that technology alone does not guarantee success. This is the first thing we convey to new partners who wish to start working with us.

There is a common thread we’ve noticed whenever we encounter a project where the client implemented technology with another provider. The first thing they tell us is that the technology is not meeting its objectives. They don’t feel it is adding value or that their investment was worth it. This is the result of engaging with providers who offer services without the necessary knowledge or with an approach that is misaligned with their actual needs. This disconnect creates frustration.

At this point, we ask companies: What were the strategies and considerations prior to the implementation of the new technologies? How were the potential impacts and benefits evaluated before proceeding with their adoption? The answer is clear and almost always the same: total silence. The situation is uncomfortable, but it reflects a common reality.

At Interfaz, we don’t like to do things the same way as everyone else. We do things differently. We do them our way. And it works for us. It’s a process we’ve been refining and perfecting over the years, ensuring we deliver quality results and achieve complete satisfaction for all the companies we’ve worked with.

We know there are many technology companies out there. However, there are few with visible methods, strategies, and results. That’s why we created a powerful model that challenges traditional paradigms. We’ve turned this problem into an opportunity.

Our business transformation model called “Synergic Innovation”

It’s no secret that if an investment in technology doesn’t generate results, it not only means a financial loss but also impacts competitiveness, efficiency, and reputation. That’s why we decided to create our own strategic model. To ensure that every investment in technology aligns seamlessly with goals, and maximizes returns.

We call our model Synergic Innovation. A model that welcomes those who want to choose long-term strategic solutions to achieve better returns on their investment. Created with the goal of generating high-impact technological solutions with a comprehensive vision, enabling companies to stand out in their industry.

About our Synergic Innovation model

Synergic Innovation is the practice of strategically combining and enhancing the four main pillars of any organization to achieve more effective results and significant benefits across multiple areas.

Pillar 1: Business

We dive deep to understand your business. By aligning with your objectives and goals, we achieve a unified vision, significantly increasing the chances of gaining the competitive advantage you seek.

Pillar 2: People

We challenge the comfort zone of individuals, inspiring and fostering an innovative mindset within the corporate culture. This ensures they embrace the change that will make the organization unique.

Pillar 3: Processes

We take the time to verify and evaluate the seamless connection between current and future processes. This guarantees different results in terms of improved operational efficiency and resource optimization.

Pillar 4: Technology

Once the right technology is chosen, we add a crucial component to its implementation: knowledge sharing. When everyone involved is in sync, we achieve the competitive edge needed for success.

This is true business transformation. At Interfaz, it’s not about innovating for the sake of innovation; it’s about innovating strategically. With a unique method for unique, long-term results, we ensure everyone involved works in perfect synergy. All with a single goal: successful implementation and true business transformation, leading to satisfaction with the results.

What have been the results of Synergic Innovation model?

We worked on the payment platform for one of the most important banks in the region, with branches in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, processing transactions exceeding $3 billion. We successfully developed the platform across all six countries without any setbacks despite the challenging circumstances we faced.

With the same client, we also worked on integrating a mobile app with a digital wallet so that its more than 4 million customers could make payments and transfers more easily and quickly. Fulfilling a major mission set from the start: response times had to be under 15 seconds for the complete flow of each transaction.

We also changed the mindset of Sociedad de Seguros de Vida del Magisterio Nacional. After several months of strategic planning, we updated the virtual branch platform to meet ISO 9001 standards. From research to execution, our client expressed satisfaction with the model. This resulted in a platform designed to add value to the needs of their customers.

Currently, we are working on a wonderful project with Viivo. We are developing a technology platform to connect event organizers with buyers, offering them a quick and secure way to purchase event tickets. We thoroughly understood their business need: to build a robust platform that provides personalized attention to their clients before, during, and after any event. This major project will soon be launched.

Here we are for you. For your business transformation.

The projects are multiple. All enriching, all wonderful. Thanks to our methodology based on meticulous planning, a deep understanding of client needs, and flawless execution, we have achieved success.

The results speak for themselves. We have developed innovative technological solutions that have optimized our clients’ internal processes, increased their operational efficiency, and improved their competitiveness in the market.

Now it’s your turn. If you want to gain a competitive edge with innovative and efficient technological solutions, you need the Synergic Innovation that only Interfaz can provide. Think about it. We will surely transform the way you think as well. This is true business transformation.