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Agile development for SMEs: significant impact of a strategic ally

Person at a computer working on an agile plan in canva

Agile development for SMEs: significant impact of a strategic ally

While it’s true that a year has 365 days, with technological acceleration, it seems to pass in the blink of an eye. And SMEs are the ones who suffer the most. They face a choice: either they remain flexible to adjust to market shifts, or they risk fading away. How to remain relevant?.

Taking this context into account, agile development for SMEs emerges as a fundamental strategy. Ideal for boosting productivity and efficiency. It becomes a catalyst for positive transformation and a hopeful future. Or at least, one with less uncertainty.

According to a Statista study, one of the world’s leading statistical portals, SMEs that implement agile practices experience an average increase of 28% in development team productivity. And a reduction of 30% in time to market for products and services.

Now, let’s get into it. And there’s no better way to do it than by explaining it with a case. It’s much easier to understand through a specific case, where we grasp theoretical concepts in practice and how agile methodologies can make a difference in the success of a business project.

Agile Development for SMEs: a success story

We’ll use a fictional scenario to illustrate. Let’s imagine a logistics services company called Velogics, with around 70 employees. Velogics has been experiencing growth since 2022. However, as it expands, it faces various challenges in managing its operations.

Its internal processes are manual and prone to errors, resulting in delays in product delivery. Additionally, this has led to a loss of clients along the supply chain, posing a high risk to its reputation and trust.

But that’s not all. Adding to these challenges, the market competition is relentless, with an increasing number of offerings in its category. These situations compel Velogics to find ways to stay agile and adaptable to maintain its competitive position. What should they do? What strategy should they consider?

Faced with these challenges, Velogics recognizes the need to find strategic solutions to optimize its processes and enhance its competitiveness. This is where agile development comes into play.

The potential of Agile Development for SMEs

Agile methodology offers an iterative and incremental approach to software development, enabling companies like Velogics to quickly adapt to market changes and effectively respond to their customers’ needs. But first, they need to find the perfect ally.

Velogics begins the search for a provider. A suitable ally who can guide them on this transformation journey. They know perfectly well that choosing the right ally can make the difference between success and failure. And that’s why they take the time to analyze it thoroughly.

Key features an ally should have

After analyzing the portfolios of several providers, Velogics finally finds what it was looking for: an ally that offers multiple benefits. And that meets certain criteria that give them peace of mind to give the green light to the development of an agile solution.

1. Experience and expertise: They found a provider with a proven track record of success in similar projects. They were able to demonstrate deep knowledge of agile practices and the best strategies to implement them effectively through real success cases.

2. Service quality: They found a provider that offers high-quality services at every stage of the process. They offer constant strategic support, from planning and design to development and implementation. This includes timely delivery of results and clear, transparent communication throughout the project.

3. Price and value added: They found a provider with appropriate pricing that does not compromise quality. An ally that offers the balance they were looking for between price and added value. Along with continuous support and high capabilities for continuous improvement and assured delivery compliance.

4. Flexibility and adaptability: They found a flexible and adaptable provider willing to adjust the approach and strategies as needed throughout the project. This ensures that the final solution fully meets their needs and expectations.

5. Collaboration culture: They found a provider that fosters a culture of collaboration and teamwork. A critical feature for the success of the agile development project. With this provider, both parties can effectively work together, sharing knowledge, ideas, and responsibilities. The goals are not only Velogics’, they are shared.

Benefits of working strategically

Embarking on the journey towards agile development, working with this provider, changed Velogics’ future. This business relationship marked a turning point in the company’s path towards business success.

Next, we will explore in detail some of the key benefits that Velogics obtained by adopting agile development as their preferred development approach.

Increased operational efficiency: By adopting agile methodologies, Velogics has improved the efficiency of its processes, reducing delivery times, and minimizing errors.

Enhanced flexibility: The quick responsiveness and inherent flexibility of agile development now enable Velogics to swiftly adapt to market demands and changes in customer preferences.

Continuous improvement: Through the iterative approach of agile development, Velogics has been able to make continuous improvements to its products and processes, ensuring they are always aligned with market needs.

Improved customer satisfaction: By delivering higher-quality products and services in less time, Velogics has enhanced customer satisfaction and now fosters brand loyalty among its customers.

A good ally changes everything

Finding the right ally for implementing agile development can make the difference between success and failure. A strategic partner with experience and expertise can provide the necessary boost to stay competitive, or at least to operate with more peace of mind.

The ally’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions, adapt to changing needs, and foster a culture of collaboration can be crucial to the long-term success of SMEs.

In contrast, choosing an inadequate ally could mean falling behind the competition and being at risk of disappearing from the market. The question we leave on the table is: Have you considered that ally could be us?

In this transformation journey, Interfaz is the right choice. Beyond just generating business, we are committed to guiding companies toward operational excellence.

Our passion for innovation and dedication to service quality make us the ideal partner to accompany you in this process. Consider it.