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How marketing automation improves your company’s efficiency

Marketing automation hologram

How marketing automation improves your company’s efficiency

Marketing automation has become an increasingly popular tool, with 51% of companies worldwide using this strategy. Of all these companies, according to a study conducted by HubSpot, 63% that use marketing automation outperform, in terms of lead generation and conversions, those that do not. This study also showed that 77% of businesses using marketing automation have increased their ROI.

investment in marketing automation by 2025

Marketing automation originated in order to help companies prioritize and execute their tasks in a more agile and efficient way, allowing them to achieve their goals in less time. Automation refers to the use of software and tools to perform repetitive tasks in an automated and efficient way, gradually becoming one of the essential strategies of digital marketing. It is expected that by 2025 the marketing automation market will reach a value close to $17 billion, thus demonstrating its importance for companies and the effectiveness obtained by implementing automation correctly.

Why apply marketing automation?

The importance of marketing automation is due to the fact that it allows companies to improve their processes, obtain accurate and detailed data about their current and potential customers. Going into detail about the benefits of marketing automation, we count on cost reduction and time optimization. By automating marketing processes, companies can save time and money, allowing them to focus on other important business areas. A study by Forrester Research found that companies using marketing automation experienced a 12.2% reduction in marketing costs.

Additionally, it enables the collection of more accurate and detailed information about the behavior and preferences of customers and leads, data that can be used to personalize messages and advertising. It can also be used to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Examples include: customizing a button, form or CTA (call to action) according to the user’s location, displaying services according to country, content type according to device, personalizing an email with customer data, among other actions.

Another point to highlight in the importance of marketing automation is the improvement of processes and the quality of data handled in companies. With automation, you can streamline processes such as: 

  • Lead management
  • Follow-up of potential customers
  • Sending mass e-mails
  • Audience segmentation

This allows you to send relevant communications to contacts according to the actions performed or content of interest according to the stage of the funnel in which they are and above all to send it at the right time with the right time zone, open and click rates.

one-to-one marketing

With automation it is possible to create lead nurturing flows, which consists of designing a conversion flow or funnel and sending relevant content for each of the stages. On the other hand, the automatic profiling of a lead allows to have a qualification filter before sending the contact to the commercial area, discarding all those who are not within the established parameters, which reduces optimization and time reduction for the sales and marketing area.

How to implement in your company?

If you are thinking about implementing a marketing automation strategy, it is important before you start to ask yourself some questions based on your business.

  • How much should I automate the marketing area in my company?
  • What are the main aspects of automation?
  • What automations can I expect?
  • How can I start automating?

Answering the first question “How much should you automate the marketing area of your company? It is important to understand that automation is much more than just hiring software, it involves a radical shift in thinking about how a company’s marketing strategy is planned and carried out. In fact, the main reason why many companies do not decide to automate this area is the fear of change.

Implementing an automated marketing strategy can be a challenging task for companies that are unfamiliar with the technology or do not have a dedicated marketing team. However, with the right guidance and good planning, any company can take advantage of the benefits marketing automation offers.

implement marketing automation

Other obstacles faced by companies include:

  • Lack of information on how to do it or how to implement it. 
  • Little or no experience with the use of specialized software for the automation of specific tasks or actions. 
  • Lack of training of marketing, sales and customer service teams on the subject.
  • The lack of a solid strategy that meets the company’s objectives to migrate from a traditional model to an automated one. 
  • Finally, the lack of knowledge of the technical aspects.

As a conclusion, implementing an automated marketing strategy may seem overwhelming, but with the right guidance from an ally like Interfaz, your company will reap the full benefits of automation. 

Remember that the purpose of marketing automation is to help specialists with their daily tasks, so companies must choose the right tool with business goals and needs in mind.

The time has come to put this knowledge into practice. In this sense, if you are looking for an effective solution for the efficiency of business closing processes in your company, in Interfaz you will not only find a HubSpot Partner, but also a company with extensive experience in the implementation of marketing automation strategies.

Visit our website or contact our marketing team today to learn more about the services and solutions we offer at Interfaz.

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