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Microsoft Dynamics 365, the smartest alternative to progress

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Microsoft Dynamics 365, the smartest alternative to progress

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 mixed ERP and CRM solutions are a great alternative to create powerful customer experiences and accelerate your business growth.

As companies from many industries navigate through market uncertainty, investment in people and technology must be thoughtful, strategic, and decisive. It is the best way to get more done with less: more agility, more scalability, and more profitability, in less time, less complexity and less cost.

While cost reduction is one of the main objectives for many companies, complexity is another factor that is often decisive when making the decision of investing in technology. That is why, leaders face the big challenge of doing more with less to go one step ahead and to build a more resilient and agile business environment.

How do you move forward with the headwinds of uncertainty? How do you empower teams, people, and business, instead of restricting agility and growth? That’s where Dynamics 365 “takes control of the ship” to navigate the turbulent waters of constant change and turn the wind in your favor to drive efficiency, reduce costs and create a hyper-connected business.

What makes Dynamics 365 a powerful platform?

Dynamics 365 is definitely the way to go if you are looking for continuous innovation in your company, especially if you are one of those who still run your operations in a patchwork of obsolete, redundant, and isolated technological solutions and services with high maintenance costs.

Remember that migrating existing systems to the cloud today is a must, mainly in a business environment that relies on speed, innovation, and accelerated commercial results. With Dynamics 365 you can reduce costs while improving efficiency in a unified enterprise cloud.

Dynamics 365 has a set of fully customizable, cloud-based business and operational tools that integrate all your processes and data into a secure, common system. They are designed to work together, so you get a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business, including employees and customers.

How does it work and what solutions it offers?

Dynamics 365 unifies customer and business data, relationships, and workflows in a single enterprise cloud. This reduces complexity and delivers new levels of efficiency, cross-functional engagement and innovative experiences for your business and customers.

It integrates digital tools that companies need to boost the impact of different areas. That’s why it offers business applications for every function, from marketing, sales and service, to supply chain, finance and operations. That’s how it connects people, data and business processes to optimize them in the cloud.

And there’s more. It enables your employees to perform with clarity and focus, thanks to predictive insights and guided workflows that help them act with decisiveness and certainty. All powered by centralized data, predictive analytics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Dynamics 365 also empowers your sellers with sales intelligence to better understand customers in depth to be more agile and effective in closing deals. There is a solution for your sales teams to reduce errors and time spent manually entering data into a CRM, and instead automate data capture to help guide the next best actions. A recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study by Forrester Consulting, found that using Dynamics 365 Sales solution boosted salesperson productivity by 15%, resulting in a savings of $13.3 million over three years.

Solutions that meet your needs

The benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are innumerable, but we can define them with one word: control. If you want to take complete control of every operation in your company, the portfolio of business applications is nearby. You just must figure out which is the smartest alternative to grow your business. Remember that you may incorporate new solutions fast, or expand the ones you already have, but the most important is to have the right support to do so, and at Interfaz, as Microsoft Partners, we can help you.

Within the integrated suite of solutions, you will find flexible tools that will open new opportunities to evolve and obtain the expected results. Among them are:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Service & Support
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance and operations
  • Human Resources

What is their main benefit?

Marketing and sales: solution for marketing and sales leaders and their teams to generate more revenue by connecting with each other. It is made to:

  • Gain greater visibility into customer needs
  • Guide customers through the pipeline faster and close more deals
  • Streamline processes and advise salespeople

Service: solution to manage customer relationships, build customer loyalty and provide them with all the attention they expect. It is made to:

  • Personalize service experiences
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Optimize service operations

Commerce: solution to deliver unified, personalized, and seamless shopping experiences to customers and partners. It is made to:

  • Make shopping experiences satisfying
  • Achieve automation with Artificial Intelligence
  • Be more agile to adapt quickly to shopper needs

Supply chain: solution to predict and quickly overcome supply chain disruptions to meet customer demand. It is made to:

  • Maximize asset performance and improving profitability.
  • Transform manufacturing operations
  • Meet the growing needs of digital commerce

Finance and operations: solution to increase the agility of financial and business operations with effective operating models against disruption. It is made to:

  • Adapt quickly to avoid interruptions.
  • Work smarter by driving efficiency
  • Drive better performance with automation

Human Resources: solution to better supervise teams and to achieve a prosperous work environment for people and the company. It is made to:

  • Improve organizational agility
  • Optimize human resources programs
  • Transform experiences into motivation for employees

The applications, add-ons and services mentioned above are just the top of the iceberg. These are just some of the many advantages offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is an exponential evolution of Cloud Computing, providing very high levels of performance to companies that make the right decision of implementing them within their operation.

At Interfaz, as Microsoft Partners, we can help your organization grow and evolve through Dynamics 365.

As Partners, we are qualified and certified to give you guidance and evaluate which solution is the most suitable according to your objectives. You can also count on the implementation, correct operation, and continuous support. We are committed with your business success.

Whether you are planning to migrate, optimize your current investments or explore ways to innovate, we are ready to give you personalized advice tailored to your needs. If you want to see real results, don’t hesitate to get in touch.