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Social Media Networks: keys to create quality content

Image of people interacting with their cell phones with the social network logos above

Social Media Networks: keys to create quality content

The importance of social media networks lies in their ability to connect people, facilitate communication, disseminate information, support businesses, and serve as a versatile platform for a wide range of personal, professional, and societal activities.

Creating quality content for a website, blog or social networks that attracts attention and increases the level of participation of readers is not an easy task, a few articles is not enough, but luckily there are recommendations that can help a lot.

Developing relevant information for the customer or user generates greater engagement and helps brands to be recognized in different areas, in addition to giving it an identity and differentiation from the competition, strengthens ties with audiences generating a closer connection, positions the brand and improves search engine rankings.

Grupo de personas sonriendo

Adapting to users

Always before you start creating graphic or text pieces for social media, it is important to consider who you are targeting, how your target audience talks and what they like. Having this clear will make the job much easier, as not all content is irresistible to everyone. Also, not all customers are on the same platforms or receive communication in the same way.


Storytelling is one of the tools that has had more weight in digital communication. This technique is the art of telling a story using sensory language presented in such a way that conveys to listeners or readers the ability to understand and give a personal meaning to it; which generates ties between customer and brand, connections that are transformed into sales and users who identify and are loyal to the products or services offered.

Why is it that when people think of a soft drink or happiness at Christmas, the first brand that comes to mind is Coca-Cola? The soft drink brand has been very successful in working its stories so that the customer relates them with freshness, happiness and union, in addition to strengthening the relationship and the well-known “word of mouth”.

Claqueta en blanco y negro con mensaje de story telling

User’s opinion

Brands often make the mistake of thinking that they know their audience completely, when the reality is that, due to many circumstances beyond our control, people change constantly, especially in social networks, and in the end they are emotional human beings. It is essential to regularly monitor these changes to keep pace and adapt to the new needs of audiences.

The contents that have an impact are those that are written based on what your customer wants to see, read or listen to. You must always ask yourself what kind of messages they want to receive, how, where and when, linked to what the brand offers as an added value. Another important part is to learn to listen to them, to take their opinions into account, this, besides making them feel important, will provide us with useful information for future segmented strategies and better decision making.


It is important to keep in mind that getting married to a single type of format is not good, it could bore our community and affect engagement. Nowadays there are many ways and platforms where you can develop creative and original content, to provide variety and reach much further with the messages you share.

On the social media side there is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest and WhatsApp. Each of these platforms have a variety of formats in which different types of messages can be delivered to customers. From long or short videos, images, text only, to carousels, live streams, and direct and immediate interaction with the community.

Part of this process is to identify which message and which type of format is most effective and generates the most interaction with customers, in order to be clear about it and master it, using it to the brand’s advantage.

Personas con celulares en redes sociales

Taking care of quality

Within the great world of the Internet and digital channels, a very important point is to take care of the quality of the content that is shared.

Images, for example, are a key point and a visual support in what you want to communicate. A good photographic image can make the community click on a message or an ad, while a bad image is the fastest way to oblivion. Therefore, they have to go hand in hand with the subject that is being dealt with, in addition to always looking for good quality.

When talking about the texts and information shared on social networks, it is important to check that everything is truthful and in line with the way the brand expresses itself, the voice it has been harvesting throughout this process.

Inform and educate customers

Leaving creativity aside, a crucial point in the creation of content is to provide relevant information to the audience, that is explanatory and that leaves some teaching, so that users feel that the time they invest in that content was valuable. This will position the brand as a reference in the sector and will be an example of how to do things correctly.

An example of this is giving the community tips, information or even key and useful interviews within the environment in which the company develops. They are or got to that point because they feel that the brand gives them more than they expect, so the least we should do is to give them valuable content that contributes to their knowledge.

In conclusion, there are undoubtedly aspects that are subjective in social networks, others are necessary to count on. Creating quality content for the brand is not very complicated, you simply have to dedicate time and attention to what your audience wants to read. If you are looking for a strategy with real results, at Interfaz we can support you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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