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Is Blockchain only for cryptocurrencies?

Sebastián Ruiz

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Surely you have heard of Blockchain, the technology behind world-renowned cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance. But did you know that beyond this, its true value lies in how it is guaranteeing security to industries that are key to the global economy?

In fact, Blockchain is a chain of blocks that ensures the exchange of information through specialized algorithms. As opposed to what many people think, the Blockchain network is not only useful for secure banking transactions, this technology is transforming various sectors such as healthcare, telecommunications, government, automotive, couriers, among others.

Its commercial potential is changing the way of doing business because it has a high capacity to ensure traceability and security during transactions and exchanges of products, supplies and services. And this makes it possible to make automated processes even more efficient.

As the market, industries and automation advance, the uses and benefits of Blockchain technology are adjusting to new needs.

Blockchain infographic

Discover the other side of the coin in our new infographic. Learn about different aspects and growth potential in industries that have decided to open the doors to revolutionary technologies like this by downloading the infographic here:

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