How BaaS came to transform traditional banking

banking as a service

Innovative boost in technology applied to financial systems has been growing at high levels and making great progress around the world for a few years so far. Changes in customer expectations, new ways of doing business, value creation and the significance of financial inclusion have fueled an expansion of financial digital services. Banks, for instance, […]

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Basic guide to understand the enterprise Big Data

holograma con palabra big data

Did you know that nowadays society is able to produce and collect in one week the amount of data that used to take years.? Without noticing, we produce hundreds of data daily just by entering the internet, checking the social media or playing from the cellphone. If you do not want data to win you, […]

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Cloud computing: which are its advantages and disadvantages?

Computador portátil con proyección de holograma en forma de nube

In the business sector we are increasingly hearing about Cloud Computing, technology that allows remote access to software file storage and data processing over the Internet. Added to this, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value and the need to consider and accelerate its implementation in search of achieving productive changes in the industry’s business […]

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