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Author: Sebastián Ruiz

Holographic image of a cloud on a laptop computer

Cloud computing: which are its advantages and disadvantages?

In the business sector we are increasingly hearing about Cloud Computing, technology that allows remote access to software file storage and data processing over the Internet. Added to this, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value and the need to consider and accelerate…

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Hologram image of a bank projected from a laptop computer

How Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is transforming traditional banking

Banking as a Service «BaaS» is a financial service model that is developing at breakneck speed, as is open banking. How does it provide different offers to users and banks in a secure way? Innovative boost in technology applied to financial systems has…

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Image showing an e-commerce on a laptop screen with a shopping cart on the keyboard

E-commerce, everything you need to know

E-commerce reaches customers all over the world. Nowadays everything seems to have a place in the great world of the Internet, it is a market open 24 hours a day that offers great advantages to companies and consumers. E-commerce has revolutionized the way we…

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Risk management concept

Risk management: overcoming events that create uncertainty in business objectives

Global trends have reshaped industries and completely changed the priorities and the way companies design, build and deliver services to consumers and corporate clients to stay relevant. Today, when uncertainty and complexity are latent in your daily operations, decision making and projections are…

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Digital transformation: the challenge beyond implementation

Is it true that the coronavirus achieved in a matter of months what great leaders in the digital industry have not been able to achieve in years? Do not confuse the digitization of companies with a process of Digital Transformation, they are two…

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industrial automation robot image

Industrial automation: the future in your hands

The pandemic ushered in a rapid acceleration of digital transformation initiatives in the industrial sector, and automation is one of them. Important data published by Fortune Business Insight, indicates that the global industrial automation market reached $168.81 billion in 2019 and is expected…

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Hologram of the word "big data" and an index finger interacting

Big Data: basic guide to understand it

Did you know that nowadays society is able to produce and collect in one week the amount of data that used to take years.? Without noticing, we produce hundreds of data daily just by entering the internet, checking the social media or playing…

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Bitcoin image

Digital currency: are we ready for this new wave?

Over time the way we exchange goods and services for something that will generate value or some form of reward has evolved, in this way our ancestors exchanged grains, legumes, vegetables and even milk or eggs among themselves and to meet their food…

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Data mining holographic image

Data mining: techniques and tools for transforming information into knowledge

The growing technological evolution, coupled with the increased use of computerized systems in homes and organizations, has brought with it an incalculable amount of information. Digital data has not only grown exponentially, it has also become an essential asset for understanding consumer behavior,…

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Image of a worried woman in the office with multiple tasks

Busy culture: 5 symptoms of some organizations

The busy organization It is natural to believe that, if you work longer hours, you will have a greater impact on the organization. In my first jobs we once had to work up to 20 hours a day including Saturdays and Sundays. Of…

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