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Anatomy: agile maturity level in organizations

Infographic agile maturity level

Anatomy: agile maturity level in organizations

An Agile organization is a human-centric organization that responds and adapts quickly to changes in the marketplace or environment. The agile organization focuses on satisfying its customer’s needs through the continuous delivery of valuable products.

If an organization is not willing to face all the challenges and changes that achieving agility requires, the results will never come. In the end most are content to use Jira and scale regardless of the results.

Keep in mind that organizations with large pyramid schemes and a strong hierarchy do not achieve agility because their leaders are unwilling to change and give up power. It is necessary that they learn to trust people and their knowledge to see themselves as facilitators and not as decision makers.

What are the most relevant factors that have the greatest impact on the agility of organizations? What challenges does this represent for companies?

The factors are varied, from technical excellence, certifications and even leadership. We will go through the factors that experience tells us are the most relevant and have the greatest impact on the agility of organizations and the mediocre results obtained.

To download the infographic click here.

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