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Technologies that are changing the way we communicate

Man wearing VR glasses interacting with a holographic display

Technologies that are changing the way we communicate

It is undeniable that digital technologies along with the internet, generated a radical change in humanity. There are more and more inventions or new technologies that come to facilitate life and communications between human beings in many areas of their lives, thanks to the so-called Information Technologies, many of which are created to demonstrate their potential and viability after years of development and continuous work in search of perfection.

The use of these technologies brings great benefits: educational, informative, comparative in different formats, as work tools, collaborations, entertainment, and other more specific ones, such as the way in which brands interact with their customers or users and the way in which these users consume multimedia content.

We review here some of the technological areas that, according to experts, will be the focus of the industry in the coming years:


5G networks technologies

5G networks are getting closer and closer and will come to transform our lives completely. In fact, they will not only bring more speed and network quality, they will also improve connections in every way.

The plan is that the cities where they are installed will gradually achieve a remarkable change and take giant steps towards a much more digitized state. One example will be houses, cars, traffic lights, intelligent lights and other interconnected electronic devices, technologies that will facilitate the life of the inhabitants or users.

On the communication side, the outlook will be even more positive because there will be an unstoppable collection of data, even greater than that of our cell phones, computers and social networks, today indispensable for people and brands.

In this order of ideas, marketing and large advertising companies will have at their disposal an enormous amount of inputs to comprehensively segment their audiences and achieve a more effective communication between customer and brand.


Further boost to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and definitely to do the work of many people, in some cases better than them. In the world of communication it has been a key point for its advancement, with innovations such as automatic chats (chatbots), automatic text writing and automatic searches, even robots that are capable of debating and generating discussion.

However, the great leap that we will see reflected in the coming years will be the creation of predictive models for the analysis of data, customers and new trends without human intervention, in addition to the automation of a large number of tasks that are currently performed manually.

Interactive digital news media

The newspaper is increasingly migrating to digital, a fact that was unthinkable 100 years ago when it was at its global peak. Today we are talking about being able to offer its readers the option of staying informed in real time, through visits to a web page, application downloads on their mobile device or fast, convenient and agile processes.

Information technologies have made it possible for anyone to keep up to date with situations that are happening on the other side of the world, without having to wait to be told or travel to the place, all in real time, without delays and even generating live opinions or comments on the event.

Although the future of communications and digital journalism is still a bit uncertain, it is a fact that content is becoming more specialized and segmented according to the type of customer and their needs, thanks to the different tools that allow categorizing what users request, seek and consume.


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies (second generation)

It seems that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have officially passed the initial birth phase and are reaching a new stage of development that offers incredible improvements in quality with 8K technology, irrefutable proof that the battle for the conquest of the best image quality is a never-ending war.

These tools offer a myriad of advantages, a considerable one that we highlight, is the lower cost, which allows to include it in the communication plan of a greater number of brands, without meaning an excessive expense.

In the long term, it is thought that these technologies may mature so much that they will be able to offer sensory experiences such as smells or flavors of products to customers, something that today can only be done in person.

Interactive streaming content

For several years, television has been at a great disadvantage in the face of the different streaming services that are available today and that have changed the way in which the world consumed multimedia or audiovisual content. From Netflix, HBO Go, Fox+, Amazon Prime, to the most recent in the market, Disney+.

Thanks to these services, content and information travels at an amazing speed and is available to the user whenever and wherever he wants, without the need to wait for schedules or watch commercials in the middle of content.

Without a doubt, streaming services make users feel like they are in the future, with their technology and even with the content they share. Platforms such as Netflix already have interactive content available in their lineup. This material, as its name says, interacts with the user, to the point that he himself can choose among several options what will happen in the following chapters or what ending he would like more for a movie; all in a matter of seconds.

Other major streaming platforms are opting for this option in the medium term, testing with specific users to achieve in the future an even more interactive content, where each user can write or decide their own story, based on some main facts, which would be a big step in visual technology.

To conclude, we can say that media and technology go hand in hand on the road to a new era. The media as we understand them today and the way we have related to them, have caused a great impact on our development.

It has proven its importance in society and in the market that demands more and more technological information. And at Interfaz we know how to implement these technologies to turn your ideas into business opportunities.

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