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Agile organizations: a competitive advantage that not everyone achieves

Infographic Agile Organizations

Agile organizations: a competitive advantage that not everyone achieves

For an organization to be agile, it must first assume a transformation in the operating model.

Agility requires an environment that promotes it, however, in many organizations what we see is a facade of agility because the fundamental changes that the organization needs are not made. The “leaders” want the organization to be agile as long as it does not mean any change for them. Because of course, leadership is always right, it should never improve or change.

Pretending that an organization can be an agile business without automation is like trying to drive a car without gas. Automation has advanced by leaps and bounds. Many of the mechanical or repetitive tasks can now be easily automated by teams, allowing them to have more time and focus on delivering value.

Why are organizations in motion the most successful drivers of agile transformations?

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What are the challenges of being agile? To answer this question, at Interfaz we have work processes that are characterized by their flexibility and adaptation.

First we know the current state of your organization and identify the aspects that prevent you from delivering value, then we make an introduction to the concepts to finally close with support and coaching in the process of adopting agile culture, methods and tools.

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