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Project Details

MOBILE AND WEB PLATFORMWinu: Online drug purchase

Online drugstore that allows you to change your medical prescriptions and to buy your medicines wherever you are.

Understanding that time is increasingly limited, and that people are looking for immediacy, Winu was born. We brought pharmacies closer to users and now they have their medicines just a click away. With Winu they have quick and easy access to information about medicines and immediate purchase without complications.

Project galleryTake a look at outcome of the project


Winu faced the fact that people with some type of medication usually do not have the necessary time or find themselves in situations that prevent them from mobilizing. We propose to modify the traditional way of purchasing medications allowing clients to acquire them everywhere.

OUR FOCUSThe Solution

We develop a service that makes medications available to patients through a platform where they can get or ask them based on a medical prescription and receive them quickly where they need them and at the right time thanks to the efficient logistics delivery accompaniment.

Cellphone mockup Winu

THE PROCESSServices involved

Winu’s success was based on achieving a shopping experience better than shopping in pharmacies, but this time virtually.

The success of the project relies on the proper selection of processes and services that effectively tackle the problem at hand.

The insightsSome findings during the process

Medical Recipe Vulnerability

Patients have handling problems with a physical prescription: loss or damage.

Speed as a requirement

We discovered that one of the main critical points in acquiring a drug delivery service is how quickly the drugs are delivered.

Unsafe Shopping

Feeling of insecurity when buying prescription drugs as for the lack of readability, customers do not know if they are purchasing the correct medications.