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Project Details

CLOUD OUTSOURCING SERVICESInterfaz: Cloud migration for an important bank

We take on the challenge of migrating to the cloud multiple critical services for an important bank in Central America.

Due to the exponential growth of users and the need for scalability, we perform a timely migration to the cloud of an application used to make supplier payments, reporting, and query modules.

Project galleryTake a look at outcome of the project


Before moving the critical service application to the cloud, we had to take into consideration the bank’s team and the different areas involved in the process, because they had never faced a project of such magnitude before. Therefore, we had to train them and engage them in our work methodology.

OUR FOCUSThe Solution

Before taking the first step in migrating to the cloud, we did a thorough assessment together with the bank’s development team on the existing modules and their dependencies. This helped to identify the critical components that would arise during the migration. Then we completed the migration without significant disruption to the bank’s daily operations.

Computer screen with a bank and cloud holographic icon

THE PROCESSServices involved

From this process we learned the importance of detailed planning, effective team collaboration and a proactive approach to addressing challenges.

The success of the project relies on the proper selection of processes and services that effectively tackle the problem at hand.

The insightsSome findings during the process

Gearing is a must

It’s necessary to carry on an effective coordination of the team, to achieve results as expected, deliver value, and meet deadlines.

Exhaustive testing

It’s necessary to avoid significant disruption and solve potential problems before they affected the system in production.

Detailed planning

An adequate planning and constant supervision is the only way to guarantee that the project meets the expectations.