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Project Details

BRAND DEVELOPMENTViverdi: Branding for a fruit and vegetables organic business

Viverdi is a brand that cultivates consciousness and harvests sustainability. A bond of responsibility between the land and the products that germinate from it.

With Viverdi we managed to build a brand that looks solidary and friendly with nature. A brand with a coherent language with its purpose of making the most of the nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables, for a better nutrition of people.

Project galleryTake a look at outcome of the project


To build a brand that is not only in solidarity with the planet earth, but also credible under three key pillars for audiences: 1. Production with responsible, sustainable, and clean agriculture that cares for the soil. 2. Production of 100% organic fruits and vegetables that take care of our health. 3. Protecting the environment, water, soil, and air; elemental resources for life.

OUR FOCUSThe Solution

Together with the client, we conceptualize the brand based on insights and needs of communities that are demanding environmentally responsible brands. Not only that they communicate it, but that they demonstrate it with facts.

Viverdi logo

THE PROCESSServices involved

Together, with our client, we construct a brand that maintains its consistency in terms of quality, reputation, and value.

The success of the project relies on the proper selection of processes and services that effectively tackle the problem at hand.

The insightsSome findings during the process

Viverdi commitment

The brand's contribution to the planet is a key element for the brand and the company.

Sense of gratitude

Audiences appreciate having a brand like Viverdi that understands and supports them.

It was necessary

The market was asking for a brand that understood the importance of healthy eating.