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Cookies Policy


What do cookies are?

As it is a common practice in almost every professional website, this site uses cookies to improve your experience. Cookies are small data storage files in your hard drive for a website. We can use both Session Cookies (that expire once you close your browser web) and Persistent Cookies (that stay in your computer until you remove them). This kind of information is collected for the Site’s administration to enhance the Site’s usability and to adapt your experience with us, satisfying your interests and special needs. Its use is also for marketing and remarketing purposes.

This page describes what information the cookies collect, how they use it, and why sometimes we need to store them. We will also share how you can avoid storing these cookies; however, this can degrade or break up certain elements of the site’s functionality.


How we use cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed next. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no standard options in the industry to disable cookies without completely disabling the functionalities and functions that add to this site. It is recommendable to leave all the cookies if you are not sure if you need them or not in case these utilize them to provide a service that uses.


Disable the cookies

Avoid cookies’ settings by adjusting the settings in your browser (consult “Help” of your browser to know how to do it). Take into account that disable cookies will affect the functionality of this and other websites you visit. Defuse the cookies generally gives, as a result also, the defuse of certain functions and characteristics of this site. For this reason, we recommend you not to defuse them.


The cookies we establish

This site offers bulletins or email subscriptions, and the cookies can remember if you are registered and display certain notifications that only can be valid for subscribed / non subscribed users.

When you send data through a form, as the ones you find in the contact pages or the comments forms, cookies can be configured to remember your user data for future correspondence.


Third-party cookies

In some cases, we also use cookies provided by a trusted third party. The following section details which third-party cookies you can find on this site.

This site uses Google Analytics, which is one of the most spread out and reliable analysis solutions on the web to help us understand how you use the site and how can we improve your experience. These cookies can track your IP address, browser type, browser language, geographic location, websites visited, and time of the visit. We can use this information to manage this website, improve its usability, and generate attractive content.

To obtain more information about the Google Analytics cookies, consult its official website.


More information

Lucky, it has clarified your doubts. Also, as mentioned before, if there is something you are not sure you need it or not, generally it is safer to leave the cookies available in case you interact with one of the functions that use our site; nevertheless, if you are looking for more information yet, you can contact us through one of our favorite contact methods.