How marketing automation improves your company’s efficiency

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Marketing automation has become an increasingly popular tool, with 51% of companies worldwide using this strategy. Of all these companies, according to a study conducted by HubSpot, 63% that use marketing automation outperform, in terms of lead generation and conversions, those that do not. This study also showed that 77% of businesses using marketing automation […]

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How has social media changed the business world?

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Trade in its beginnings   How did social media come into our lives? Let’s go from the beginning, where trade became a fundamental part of human beings as it allowed a great exchange of goods, products, and services. To do this, people offered their products in exchange for others that supplied their needs day to day. […]

SEO: techniques to improve search engine optimization

SEO Blog

Working with SEO techniques today is certainly not an easy task. Challenges are increasing, especially if we consider the accelerated evolution of digital marketing and the demands of search engine algorithms. Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, has become a challenging opportunity for specialists and professionals who have decided to use this marketing strategy, […]

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