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Java Developer Fullstack

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Costa Rica



We are looking for a Java Developer to join one of our development teams to build solutions that will help deliver an industry-leading strategic business product. Join a talented team of developers using a wide variety of latest technologies to solve big problems. You’ll build solutions that our customers are clamoring for, that will help our customers innovate with their business teams.



  • Experience with object-relational mappers such as Hibernate
  • Experience with concurrency in Java and above including asynchronous programming, multithreading, mutability, and concurrency control/recovery when dealing with persistent data stores
  • Advanced JavaScript and HTML 5 technologies (AppCache, Local Storage, Session Storage, Indexed DB & Web Workers)
  • Experience with SPA frameworks preferably React JS / Angular JS
  • Should have hands on Microservices development experience and container hosting
  • Experience with SQL Server, Postgre SQL writing stored procedures, performance tuning and identifying deadlocks, transactions and data locking/blocking scenarios AWS must have skill
  • Experience with Unit Testing and mocking frameworks
  • Localization, Internationalization and Globalization for server and client applications
  • Experience working in Agile Development Methodologies such as SCRUM




  • Core Java Spring & Spring Boot Hibernate/JPA/ JDBCSQL Databases – MySQL, Oracle NoSQL Databases – MongoDB, Graph DB, API, Performance Tuning, Scaling, Services, JavaScript NodeJS/NPM


Desirable skills

  • Docker / Kubernetes AUTH 2.0 / SAML/ SSO ZUUL Gateway, Spring Gateway, Kong & Microservices AWS Services, React JS, Docker / Kubernetes

What are we looking for?

Assertive communication

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